A glimpse of Tiesto’s, Patchogue’s new Latin American restaurant


The metamorphosis is complete.

After a month of renovations, the former Blue Goose space at 411 Main Street has reopened as Tiesto’s Restaurant in Patchogue.

This Latin American-inspired restaurant is a long-awaited dream come true for former Painters chef Luis Marin and his two daughters, Ivonne Castro and Jessica Marin.

Between the three, the family shares decades of experience in the restaurant industry – and they have strong roots in the Greater Patchogue region.

Originally from Ecuador and now living in Medford with his family, Luis moved to the United States some 30 years ago and began a culinary journey that took him to Painters in Brookhaven more than two years ago. decades.

Castro and Jessica both worked at the Gallo restaurant in Patchogue Village for over 10 years, while their father was the Chef of Painters from the very beginning, almost 22 years ago.

As owners of their new establishment, Castro and Jessica take care of the front of the house while Luis takes care of the kitchen.

Tiesto’s translates to ‘flowerpot’, but it also describes the ceramic plate in which their food will be cooked and served.

There are also several tietos mounted on the walls throughout the interior.

Luis prepares a variety of dishes with Ecuadorian, Mexican, Spanish and American influences, he says.

Paella, shrimp ceviche, chimichangas, guacamole, thin pizza, burgers, pasta – there are options for a wide range of palettes on Tiesto’s menu.

Freshly prepared, handcrafted cocktails are also on the drink menu.

The family celebrated with a smooth opening Wednesday night. Scroll down for photos of the night.

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Scroll down for some photos of Tiesto’s smooth opening, now open for brunch, lunch, and dinner at Patchogue.

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