A massive Cuban, Mexican and Latin American food festival is coming to Manchester in July!

As summer begins to kick in again, all everyone wants to do is dine al fresco and soak up the sun, so what better than Red Bank’s street food paradise, GRUB? !

The outdoor food market has announced that it will host a Latin American food fair from From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July outside on its summer terrace and on its three floors of indoor dining.

Completing the line-up this year is Bread and Butter BBQ, Crunchy tacos, Cubans, The Contador and Marzipan – with all the vendors drawing inspiration from Cuban, Mexican and Latin American cuisine.

Bread & Butter BBQ serves a menu of exotic Brazilian dishes, including Brazilian Burgersbreakfast items and BBQ steak and frieswhich is accompanied by a tasty cut of ‘Picanha’ rump steak served on thick fries and a vinaigrette and an arugula salad.

New residents of Pollard Yard Crunched Tacos will also make an appearance at the three-day event, armed with their real corn, crunchy tacos and inventive flavor combinations of pulled pork, ‘Dark Fruits’ sauce and Frazzlesand Cuban surf food, Cubanitos will serve a wonderful selection of loaded fries, the hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches the whole weekend.

Concluding the lineup, excellent purveyors of modern Mexican street food, El Contador – which will be the perfect place to get your sweet taco fix – and Marzipan, a cake and pastry company that will provide delicious treats throughout the three days. .

There will also be a Manchester’s latin-inspired pop-up cocktail bar Rum of the Witch Kings. Bohemian liquor makers started their business in 2019, when two old-school buddies reconnected over their love of booze.

During lockdown, the two founders started experimenting in their Salford-based kitchen and Witch Kings was born! They now create bottles of rum liqueur in Dandelion, Ginger, Coffee, Hibiscus and Peach, Ginger and Lime flavors.

The Latin American Food Festival is completely free and tables can be pre-booked below for larger tables.


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