American food blogger who loves Vietnamese food

Food blogger Corrin Carlson knows all too well that the proof of pudding is in eating it.

The American roams the streets of Hanoi in search of the tastiest dishes on offer.

Then it’s the lights, the camera, the action as she reviews local delicacies, sharing her taste experiences via social media with the world.

Corrin’s reviews are not only popular with the expat community, but his charm and humor have struck a chord with Vietnamese followers.

“I love learning about food and how it fits into different cultures and countries around the world,” she said.

“When I came to Vietnam, I wanted to try all the different foods here.”

Corrin tries tào phớ, a sweet tofu dessert, which she describes as “the perfect dessert to escape the heat”. — Photo courtesy of the blogger

She came to Vietnam backpacking because she wanted to take a motorbike trip from Hanoi to HCM City. Instead, Corrin met his partner in Hanoi and now the capital is his home.

In 2021, his video featuring Vietnamese fried salty chicken (gà rang muối) and fried sticky rice (xôi chiên) suddenly went viral on the internet.

Corrin said the dish was her “guilty pleasure” order and she really liked the taste of the salt-coated fried chicken. Additionally, the food blogger also enjoys the fried sticky rice with savory toppings inside and her accompanying signature dip.

“Salt, pepper, lime and chili make the perfect dip and it all tastes better with a Hanoi beer,” she said.

Corrin enjoys bún ốc, a Vietnamese noodle dish with baby snails, ground beef, fermented sausages and sour broth. — Photo courtesy of the blogger

Corrin told Việt Nam News how she noticed many talented young Vietnamese foodies sharing great food on Instagram, but couldn’t find many doing it in English.

So she decided to start a blog about life and food in Vietnam from a foreigner’s perspective.

She said: “I decided to create the Instagram account called Plates of Hanoi to share great food with other English speakers so they know where they could find it.

“I’ve been running the Instagram page for over two years, then started posting regularly on TikTok last summer during lockdown.”

American food blogger who loves Vietnamese food
American blogger at BAKED by Julie, a local dessert restaurant. She said it has the “pinkiest and most beautiful” cakes in Hanoi. — Photo courtesy of the blogger

The food critic says she rarely has a hard time going out to eat in Vietnam, as people here are generally friendly and kind to foreigners.

She hopes to learn more Vietnamese so that it will be easier for her to communicate with restaurant owners and waiters.

“My goal is to be a resource for other foreigners and tourists, so they are more confident in eating the amazing dishes around Hanoi.”

Corrin’s partner Steph works with her behind the scenes and helped develop Plates of Hanoi.

“She took lots of photos of me for Instagram and goes with me to try new restaurants and food,” Corrin said.

Apart from the popular TikTok and Instagram accounts with the online community, they are also creating a Youtube channel of the same name.

Living in Vietnam for more than two years, Corrin has tried most famous dishes such as bún chả, bún đậu mắm tôm (shrimp paste vermicelli) and phở. However, she says her all-time favorite Vietnamese dish is still bánh cuốn (Vietnamese steamed rice rolls).

In one of her videos, she describes the dish: “Bánh cuốn is hands down my favorite Vietnamese dish. The artistry that goes into making these super thin rice layer pancakes is next level.”

Corrin joked that she had tried making the dough herself at home before, but failed. “It was a terrible mistake,” she admitted.

Vietnam has brought this American foodie many wonderful experiences with its rich and appealing cuisine.

Corrin said the best times are when she tries a good meal or a restaurant that someone has recommended to her.

She has met amazing people across Hanoi who share her passion for food and love to cook. She also received lots of love from the local community and many comments from Vietnamese living abroad saying that her videos reminded them of their home country.

Speaking of future plans, the young American said she wanted to continue to pass on her love of food to everyone and encourage them to try new dishes.

She said: “Over the next few years I want to continue to encourage people to travel and try foods that are new to them. And keep traveling and trying more food too!

Source: Vietnam News

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