Asian-American food and drink brands to try: Bokksu, Copper Cow, Sanzo


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As the fastest growing ethnic group in the country, Asian Americans have a great influence on what we all consume in culture, from music and movies to food and drink.

In the food and beverage business, we have been very excited about the founders of Asia American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) who are leveraging their cultural heritage to create new snacks, sauces, delivery services and beverages that both celebrate their origin. and introduce familiar flavors (for them) to new audiences.

These brands often represent an intersection of the traditional and the modern and can be found in classic Asian grocery stores and the millennial brand’s online storefronts. Another thing that sets them apart as a unique Millennial brand is their commitment to sustainable and ethical values, ranging from paying family farms fair and above-market wages to using natural and organic ingredients.

As an Asian American, it’s exciting for me to see all the ways that members of the AAPI community shine a light on, celebrate and innovate on the amazing foods and drinks I grew up with – and we hope you’re just as excited to eat them and drink them all, too.

Here are the 20 Asian-American food and drink brands you should try:

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