Bruce Friedrich of GFI named ‘Hero of American Cuisine’ for his work on alternative protein – vegconomist


The Founder and President of the Good Food Institute (GFI), Bruce Friedrich, has been named a “2021 American Food Hero” in recognition of his work to fundamentally change the food system with alternative proteins. EatingWell Magazine praised Friedrich and GFI’s work on tackling climate change and reforming food systems in its “American Food Heroes” awards.

“Behind the scenes of this outbreak – everywhere you turn, from advising new companies to funding scientific research to igniting our cultural obsession with alternatives to meat – is Bruce Friedrich” – EatingWell Magazine

Friedrich founded the international nonprofit association over five years ago with the mission of improving the global food system for the planet, people and animals, with GFI defining itself with its vision to reinvent the production of meat. Friedrich’s 2019 TED Lecture has been viewed over two million times and translated into dozens of languages, as GFI continues to inform industry and policy makers on science and solutions globally.

Image courtesy of the Good Food Institute

The latest accolade highlights the popular lecturer’s work to advance alternative open-access protein science, including making $ 7 million available in research grants while lobbying governments to fund such research. One example is the advocacy for $ 2 billion in US federal funds to be spent on R&D on alt protein, as Friedrich and the GFI call on governments to invest in alt protein as a key climate solution to tackle the growing risk. pandemics, antibiotic resistance, as well as food insecurity.

“While the growth of alternative proteins over the past five years has been promising, the gradual progress made so far in changing the way meat is made is insufficient,” Bruce Friedrich told the vegetarian economist. “The world needs solutions commensurate with the scale of its challenges. We need food systems and farming practices that allow nature to regenerate while protecting global health and food security. Plant-based and cultured meat represent practical, efficient and scalable ways of doing this. Governments around the world can lead the way by investing in open access research and mustering the political will to break out of the status quo. “

Bruce friedrich
Bruce Friedrich – Image courtesy of the Good Food Institute

Political commentators like Ezra Klein of the New York Times have joined in calling on governments to fund the alternative protein sphere as they have done for other innovations and technologies that advance the public good. They argue that, despite growing interest from the private sector, alternative proteins will remain only a fraction of the overall conventional meat market, unless governments recognize their enormous potential to cope with multiple crises.

“What moves us most about this recognition is seeing alternative proteins being advertised alongside a variety of strategies, from the rights of migrant farm workers and traditional indigenous food systems to new sustainable supply chains and certification. regenerative agriculture, ”commented Sheila Voss, Vice President of Communications at GFI. “A shift to alternative proteins can and must coexist with ‘sister solutions’ that move global food systems from depletion of resources to replenishment. EatingWell’s Food Heroes 2021 issue puts faces and names on that exact same spot. GFI is honored to be recognized alongside other leaders in food system transformation.

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