El Corazon: a Latin American restaurant opening soon in Edmonton

Soon to open in the heart of Edmonton is El Corazon, a Latin American restaurant whose name translates to “the heart”.

This exciting new concept brings Latin flavors to the Glenora community, offering an escape from the everyday in a relaxed atmosphere.

This highly anticipated new restaurant is set to launch very soon, with a vibrant cocktail program, unique wine offerings, an appealing beer selection and Latin-inspired dishes that look like art on the plate.

These artisan dishes are made with fresh, flavorful ingredients, beautifully plated with their own unique Corazon twist.

Ceviche Mahi-Mahi will be the perfect fresh dish to share on the terrace when summer arrives. Steak plates, seafood salads, Latin desserts and unique dishes like grilled tuna served with alcaparrado, aromatic rice, tomatoes, charred vegetables and annatto oil are just some of the dishes we know are on the menu.

The cocktails are equally exciting, all original hand-crafted recipes or Latin twists on the classics you already know and love.

The entire menu here will be a celebration of local ingredients and Latin techniques and we can’t wait to try it all.

Stay tuned for more details on the official opening of El Corazon.

El Corazon

Address: West Block, Glenora, Edmonton


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