Here is the best American restaurant in Washington

Americans are exposed to all kinds of cuisines, from Mexican cuisine to Italian favorites to Chinese dishes. When it comes to classic American restaurants and food, it varies widely. You have pizzerias, burgers, Southern cuisine, barbecues and all kinds of dishes. To know which ones stand out from the others, LoveFood found the best classic American restaurant in every state.

“Quaint retro eateries and casual eateries in steakhouses for special occasions and modern places serving up creative takes on the classics, here’s the best when you’re looking for a bit of all-American comfort,” the writers say.

What did the writers choose for Washington State? According to the website, that honor goes to…

The Metropolitan Grill!

Here’s what they had to say about this upscale steakhouse:

“Even before Seattle made its mark on the food map, The Met, as the locals call it, was an old-school institution frequented by diners with big appetites. Located in the historic Marion Building, the best choices in The Metropolitan Grill’s menu includes the shrimp martini, clam chowder and chateaubriand for two, normally cut at the table, and guests also rent their filet mignon and crab cakes.

You can find Metropolitan Grill at 820 2nd Ave. in Seattle. They are available for restaurant and curbside pickup.

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