“I took my family to Woking’s Ol’ West American Restaurant and the menu was so big it was a book” – Laura Nightingale

When I heard that a new restaurant had opened in Surrey I was eager to try it.

Located in The Peacocks shopping precinct in the heart of Woking, The Ol’ West Grill And Diner opened in early February.

Located between Primark and the old Debenhams store, the American Wild West-themed steakhouse serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, even when the surrounding shops are closed.

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Having not been to America in years, let alone left the UK, I was keen to sample some Southern classics and visited the sparkling new restaurant with my family last Sunday evening.

There were five of us and we sat by the window of the big and bright restaurant equipped with carts, cowboy hats, cowhides, fake guns, cacti, sheep skulls and not to mention a huge menu .

The dishes Laura and her family tried at The Ol’ West Grill and Diner in Woking

The decor was very fun and themed, making it perfect for birthday parties, and the staff were attentive and wore cowboy and cowgirl hats.

There was a vegetarian in our party and another person who avoids wheat and dairy (me), and the restaurant could easily accommodate both of us.

In fact, the extensive menu had something for everyone – it was like a book.

There were vegan options, a dedicated kids menu and a range of dishes to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Part of The Tea Terrace chain next door, many dishes were labeled ‘gluten free’ or ‘gluten free available’ to make it easier and more comfortable for celiacs to visit.

Service was a little slow getting our starters out despite the restaurant being very quiet, but our main courses were prompt.

We started our experience with a few milkshakes that came with garlic ciabatta with cheese (£4.95), crispy breaded mushrooms (£5.95) and bruschetta with tomato and olive tapenade (5. £95).

It wasn’t fine dining, but the dishes were a good size, tasty and therefore good value.

The Ol' West Grill And Diner
Butternut Squash Wellington and American Cheeseburger from the Ol’ West Grill And Diner come with fries

Alcoholic beverages weren’t available when we visited, but we heard they would be introduced soon, so we stuck to shakes and soft drinks.

Mum tried the Biscoff milkshake (£4.50) and absolutely loved the thick, sweet drink. Other flavors offered were Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.

As for the main dishes available, there was everything from steaks, salads and burgers to hot dogs, sandwiches and BBQ chicken.

Mom and I tried the grilled steak salad presented beautifully on a bed of spinach and arugula leaves, onions, parmesan, crispy croutons and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

At £15.95 I thought it was quite pricey for a salad, but the beef was perfectly cooked to my liking.

The American cheeseburger was also priced at 15.95 and getting a lot more food for your money.

The succulent patty was topped with melted cheddar cheese, a crispy onion ring, lettuce and vine tomatoes, and served with a dollop of mayonnaise, thick fries and a garnish of fresh salad.

There were three burgers to choose from, the others being chicken and veg, and my brother enjoyed his beef.

The other two dishes my family ordered were a Classic Chicken Caesar Salad (£14.95) and Butternut Squash Wellington (£13.95).

Again, this latter course was much more substantial than the salad and it was hearty and filling.

The light filo pastry filled with spicy butternut squash, mixed lentils, paprika, onion seeds and parsley, was accompanied by a mountain of hot fries and vegan coleslaw.

So my advice, if you’re hungry, go for something with fries, but if you fancy a light lunch between groceries, salads are a great option.

I took a look at the breakfast options as I flipped through the menu in the booklet and they all looked excellent, as did the decadent desserts.

In true American fashion, there was pecan pie, key lime pie and apple crumble pie, all served with vanilla ice cream and priced at £5.95 each .

We loved the cookie dough and the salted caramel crunch pie, but unfortunately it was sold out.

Our first visit to The Ol’ West Grill And Diner was good and we came away satisfied.

It’s not a fancy dining experience or take-out fast food; it sits somewhere in between and offers something a little different from Woking’s food scene.

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