Inside Fortuna’s Row, a new contemporary Latin American restaurant in Calgary

The newest restaurant of the Syndicate Hospitality Group, Fortuna’s Row offers an impressive range of Latin American dishes and cocktails in the East Village neighborhood.

It’s not often that a dining experience truly feels like an escape from everyday life. But to The row of Fortunathe latest restaurant from Syndicate Hospitality Group (which is also behind Orchard and Shelter), you can expect exactly that.

Conceived by fortified architecture, Fortuna’s Row spans 10,000 square feet inside a former textile factory right next to the Bow River. Guests may recognize the building as the former home of Booker’s BBQ Grill and Crab Shack, which was in a food court adjacent to where Fortuna’s Row now resides.

Whether you’re seated in the sprawling dining room or at the bar, the restaurant’s prominent footprint, combined with the mix of beach-inspired light fixtures, plants, wood and concrete finishes, and earthy colors, has an effect of transportation. As the sky darkens, the restaurant space takes on a dark and light atmosphere that is both luxurious and relaxing.

Photograph of Fort Architecture.
Photograph of Fort Architecture.

The kitchen, led by chef Mikko Tamarra (who guests may know from Con Mi Taco), serves an exciting menu of contemporary Latin American cuisine that is divided into snacks, small plates and large sharing plates. Highlights include a braised pork belly taco, a pincho (a charcoal-grilled sirloin with thin potatoes and salsa morita), and a refreshing ceviche with Hokkaido scallops.

There’s also an impressive dessert menu created by chef Teisha Huff. Options range from Milhojas, a dish with layers of puff pastry, dulce de leche, pasterlera cream, walnuts and nasturtium, to Queso, which mixes sweet and savory with nostrala mousse, creamy goat cheese, pineapple raspado naraja and guava honey.

And if you fancy cocktails, you won’t be disappointed. Named after the different plants, fruits and vegetables they contain, Fortuna’s cocktails include mouth-watering options like Yuzu (Japanese whiskey, yuzu koshō, sesame rice vinegar shrub, apple brandy and lapsang souchong), rosemary (tequila, raicilla, hibiscus, salted rosemary, grapefruit, lime and tonic) and corn, a great late-night pick-me-up with espresso, masa and liqueur 43. Order these with your meal, or just pop into “Standing Room Only”, an impressive bar just inside the restaurant’s main entrance. Although it is a place where you can have a drink before or after your meal, it can also be your main destination if you are just looking for drinks and some snacks.

421 Riverfront Ave SE, 403-243-0069,

Photograph by Phil Crozier.

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