Latin American restaurant opens in Rockville Town Square

An example of Lomo Saltado

Latin American restaurant Kumbia opened at 100 Gibbs St. in Rockville Town Square this month.

The restaurant held a grand opening on March 19, according to its Facebook page, and a soft opening the day before.

Kumbia’s menu offers several types of Ceviche seafood dishes, including Ceviche Carretillero (sliced ​​fish, fried calamari, Peruvian peppers) and Cameron’s Ceviche (shrimp, mango, lime, onions, orange juice) .

Other dishes include:
• Lomo Saltado (sautéed beef tenderloin mixed with tomato wedges and garlic fries)
• Arroz Marinero (prawns and mussels with rice and salsa)
• Bandeja Paisa (grilled steak, fried pork belly and sausage with rice, beans and plantains)
• smoked salmon on coconut water risotto and salsa.

Most main dishes in Kumbia cost between $15 and $25.

Store Reporter reported Thursday about the opening of Kumbia.

Kumbia is the latest restaurant to open in Rockville Town Square.

In January, the Spanish restaurant El Mercat Bar de Tapas opened there. Then, the Pan-African restaurant Eko House opened the following month.

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