LittleMad is a new Korean-American restaurant on Madison Avenue


Hot off turns to Le Coucou and Ai Fiori, Executive Chef Sol Han have just opened a brand new spot, LittleMad, in partnership with the hotel group behind Jua and His name is Han.

The space is an easy to miss slide on Madison Avenue near 29th Street. Inside, it’s warmly industrial-chic with an open kitchen, ash walls, high exposed wood ceilings, and floors with a waxed concrete finish. The dining room seats 50 people and there is room for six more at the bar.

Han executes his Korean-American menu with French and Italian technique acquired over his last decade in the industry. Seasonal menu highlights include beef tartare with shiitakes and a maesangi chip to break with a wooden hammer ($ 21), soft shell crab ($ 25), rice with seasonal mushrooms, marrow roasted bone and maple soybeans ($ 29) and crispy duck inspired by Shin Ramyun umami mousse noodles ($ 21). Plain ($ 25), truffles ($ 25) and caviar ($ 30) are available as a complement.

LittleMad incorporates the ‘mad’ theme (as in: a hatter) where it can (‘mad’ menus, ‘mädder’ supplements, etc.), including on the bottle list, which is divided into ‘mäd’ and ‘ mädder ”. The former is pricey on weekdays, with a few wines in the $ 50 range, and the latter reaches higher in triple-digit territory for special occasions. Wine by the glass, beer and cocktails are also available.

LittleMad is located at 110 Madison Avenue and is open Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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