Native American restaurant opens in Broken Arrow

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A new restaurant in Broken Arrow goes back to Oklahoma roots. The “NATV” restaurant offers traditional Native American dishes.

Preparing the kitchen is just one of Jacque Siegfried’s many tasks before the soft opening of his new restaurant.

She says her father taught her how to cook, but it was her curiosity to learn more about her Native American culture that enriched her cookbook.

“I ask questions of so many people I meet,” Siegfried said.

After more than 10 years working in different restaurants, she says she has lost part of her culture. So she tried her luck by opening her own shop.

Reluctant at first, she now sees it as an opportunity to reconnect with her culture, while sharing it with others.

Food has always been my answer to connecting with people. It’s what I want to connect with, so that’s what I have to do.

You won’t find Indian tacos on the menu. Instead, she will focus more on native dishes and flavors.

“You’re going to have more of those earthy flavors involved. But, we will always have that fried bread connection because everyone loves fried bread.

Siegfried got her start in cooking at Mother Road Market where she graduated from the Kitchen 66 program. She touts part of her success learning how to promote and market her unique dishes and how she can improve.

The restaurant is located north of 91st Street on Main Street in Broken Arrow. They are open from 4-8 p.m. this week and will add lunch hours next week.

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