Opening of a Latin American restaurant with a secret Margarita bar

El Santo, a restaurant and bar on Miller Street will open in early December with a menu that takes a gastronomic tour of Latin America. It’s a two-part venue, with a Margarita speakeasy filled with tequila and mezcal sitting next to a separate open dining area.

Expect innovative and surprising dishes, small sharing plates of meats and fish cooked on a charcoal barbecue, a selection of tacos and ceviches.

You’ll find them above Thundercat Diner as the latest addition to a cluster of city center restaurant and drink names on Miller Street, including The Spiritualist, The Spanish Butcher and Paesano, Glasgow’s most popular pizzeria. Ox and Finch also own a unit down the street and in recent months have been undertaking preparatory work on what could be another future restaurant.

I first reviewed plans for El Santo last year at Worq Group’s Glasgow offices. Director Jonathan Doherty’s dog, Santo, who inspired the name of the forward-looking food concept, sat on my foot at the time.

The family-run hotel company was renovating Virginia House to create the boutique Revolver Hotel which opened this summer. You’ll be able to see the entrance to the speakeasy bar from the hotel’s first-floor lounge — the elegant cocktail experience will have its own entrance on Virginia Place.

The reservation for El Santo, from December 5th, is now open as the final version of the menu is approved, presented by their new Brazilian chef.

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