Opening of a new Latin American restaurant near Charlotte


A former Sagebrush in Mooresville may be setting the stage for a new restaurant moving to the Charlotte area, but don’t expect to find peanut shells on the floor when you get there.

Capicúa is a new Latin American restaurant that will open on July 30.

The owners of the restaurant – Jennifer Alcantara, Edwin Mejia and Jacob Pacheco – are from the Dominican Republic. They moved to Mooresville “and wanted to bring our culture to the area,” Alcantara told CharlotteFive.

THE FOOD: Capicúa’s menu will include Dominican, Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and Spanish influences. Expect Latin cuisine “with a new twist,” Alcantara said. “Our Latin foods, we’re so used to having rice and beans and meat, but the way we’re going to do it is we’re going to be very engaging. So instead of your typical plate, it will be something super interactive, super innovative, so that you can have such an amazing atmosphere while you eat and have fun while you do it.

Chimi de Capicúa Sliders: Bite-sized sandwiches filled with Dominican sausages and ground beef, coleslaw and marmalade. Courtesy of Capicúa

THE NAME: Capicúa is a winning move in a game of dominoes, in which the last chip can be placed on either end. “We chose the name because of the culture and the backgrounds we all grew up in with our parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles playing the game at family functions,” said Alcantara.

THE DANCE: Come for the food, but stay for the atmosphere. “This restaurant will be inviting for everyone whether you are single and looking to dance and have a great meal with a cocktail party, corporate meetings or family events,” said Alcantara.

Capicúa will open inside a former Sagebrush at 140 Regency Center Drive in Mooresville. Alex Cason Photography Charlotte five


140 Regency Center Drive, Mooresville

Instagram: @capicualatincuisine

Inauguration on July 30

This story was originally published June 15, 2021 6:00 a.m.

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