Sauce Magazine – Popular St. Louis Filipino-American Restaurant and Guerrilla Street Food Food Truck for Sale

Popular St. Louis Filipino-American restaurant and Guerrilla Street Food food truck for sale

More than a decade after launch, co-owners Brian Hardesty and Joel Crespo have decided to sell Guerrilla street food. According to Hardesty, the duo will stop operating the business on April 30 and hope to move on to a new owner who will keep the brand alive. “We’ve been running Guerrilla Street Food for over 11 years, and the past two years have been really tough for Joel and me, like all business owners,” he said. “We just got to a point where we feel like we might like to see the business live through someone else’s eyes so we can see it continue, but at the same time let Joel and me walking away and chasing the things we’ve been dreaming about for quite a while now.

Hardesty said they hope to partner with some collaborators on promotions before they close at the end of the month, and hope to see friends hang out before the final day. “We just want to see people’s faces and say goodbye to them,” he said. Going forward, Hardesty aims to focus on projects 9 mile garden and Frankie Martin’s Garden, as well as other consulting firms. He said Crespo was still weighing options. “It’s a really big transition to do something for almost a quarter of your life,” he explained.

Ultimately, Hardesty is proud of what he and Crespo have accomplished. “It’s all been a very positive memory, a positive experience serving the St. Louis community, both locally and nationally, being nationally recognized as one of the best food trucks in the country,” he said. He added that they hoped for the best regarding the sale and argued that Guerrilla Street Food was unlike anything else in town. “We feel like it’s a beloved St. Louis brand that people care about and represents a style of food that you don’t see very often in St. Louis.”

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