Soaring food inflation costs are hitting American food manufacturers, distributors, retailers and families who rely on Marvell Foods to combat rising food costs

Marvell Foods is working to combat the complications of food inflation in 2022 by providing food industry players with competitive options while delivering significantly less expensive food alternatives to U.S. consumers hardest hit by the pandemic and COVID-19 pandemic. persistent economic crisis.

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February 28, 2022

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 28, 2022 ( –
Third-generation family-owned food trading and brokerage business Marvell Foods works to reduce the impact of rising food prices caused by inflation. One of the nation’s leading food brokerage/trade companies, Marvell Foods can meet this near-panic-fueled need by providing cost-effective solutions to food manufacturers, distributors, retailers and discount grocery stores who find themselves in taken with short codes, closed and even expired coded food stock. “As the country struggles to recover from the economic ripple effects of the pandemic, and inflation eats away at the value of the dollar, American food companies – from restaurants to retailers to the American consumer – are looking all ways to make the dollar go further,” says Marilyn Raybin, president of Marvell Foods.

“With our unparalleled network of customers across the country, we are in a unique position to source gated, short-code or expired foods and offer them to our national network of retailers and discount food stores. whose customers appreciate the deeply discounted value of these food products,” says Raybin.

As a seasoned food industry professional with over thirty years of experience, Raybin knows what she’s talking about. Marvell Foods has seen first-hand the adverse economic effects of the pandemic on food inflation. And according to recent studies, the trends seen in 2021 show no signs of changing in 2022.

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Influences driving the rise in food prices include shrinking labor. A reduction in the workforce employed due to Covid has diminished food production output, which has caused a ripple effect reducing supply chains for hundreds of products. In addition, the cost of transporting goods has increased exponentially. Truckers are scarce and fuel prices are skyrocketing. All of these myriad factors impact the amount of food not only produced but also available in stores.

In a recent study conducted by KPMG, consumers are now facing a 22% increase in their grocery bills and inflation. Double-digit price jumps in the fourth quarter of 2021 were among the highest highs in nearly 31 years. The average inflation rate increased by 3.6% from 2020 to 2021, and out-of-home food in 2021 saw a bigger jump, from 4% to 5%. In 2022, food inflation rates will increase another 2-3% for all goods.

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Reports indicate that economists see these inflationary pressures persisting for at least the next few months. With this in mind, retailers and consumers are looking for ways to combat the rising cost of food.

As one of the nation’s largest discount food brokers, Marvell Foods specializes in the brokerage of discontinued, expired, unsold and overstock food items. Marvell Foods helps the industry reduce food waste, market stale foods wisely, and enable companies to earn profits on a wide variety of surplus food products.

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About Marvell Foods

Marvell Foods is a third-generation, family-owned food brokerage business. Marvell Foods specializes in the brokerage of expired, code-locked, discontinued, unsold and overstock foods. Marvell Foods is also a certified government supplier with over thirty years of experience and offices coast to coast; Marvell Foods is also a Certified Government Vendor/Supplier. The company buys, sells and markets a wide assortment of food products on behalf of some of the largest companies in the country, including big-box retailers, independent food operators and discount retailers, among a host of others. businesses. Marvell Foods provides food and groceries to the federal and state prison system, food banks, commissioners, churches, ministries and school food programs.

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