The 10th American Food Sure Summit scheduled for March in Chicago

The 10th American Food Sure Summit is scheduled for March 28-29, 2022 in Chicago, IL.

The annual event focuses on establishing a food defense plan, effectively managing product recalls and assessing supply chain risk. Participants also focus on the tools to comply with food safety laws and regulations, engage with the workforce in a culture of safety and quality, and achieve, maintain and to improve the quality.

American Food Sure Summit organizers say, “Our event will feature keynote speakers from some of the largest companies sharing their best practices, regulations and techniques. This will give our attendees the opportunity to learn about current trends in food safety and quality in the industry. »

Topics scheduled to be covered at this year’s summit include:

  • What are the post-COVID learnings for the food industry?
  • Digital solutions to mitigate food safety challenges in a global supply chain
  • Physical and chemical hazards: analytical methods and monitoring techniques
  • Ensuring food safety through a food safety culture
  • Improve the working relationship between food safety and quality teams and innovation teams to create better product cycles
  • Culture of food safety: how far is food safety?

Guest speakers include:

  • Raymond Kosmicki, Vice President for Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Prinova USA
  • Natalie Hadley, Senior Vice President for Quality and Food Safety, Flowers Food
  • Miriam Maxwell, Senior Regulatory Scientist for Global, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc
  • Roberta Wagner, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs, Consumer Brands Association
  • Juan F. DeVillena, Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety, Wayne Farms
  • Tom Miller, Senior Manager of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, John Soules Foods
  • Geraldine French, Executive Associate for Regulatory Operations, FSIS – USDA
  • John Budin, Vice President of Product Safety and Quality, FONA International

For those who wish to attend, they can book their American Food Sure Summit now for an early bird price of $895. The total price for the event is $1,495. If your company owns a brand and manufactures products for end users, you can participate as a delegate.

If your company provides solutions, technologies, services or materials to food safety, quality and manufacturing professionals and your responsibilities include business development, you should sponsor to attend.

For more information, visit American Food Sure website.

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