The Scots laugh at the “Outlander” cookbook for its American recipes: Haggis Tacos, anyone? TheWrap


Scots take great pride in their food – and one would think that a cookbook dedicated to the successful Starz series ‘Outlander’, set in the Scottish Highlands, would celebrate that.

But rather, “Foreign cuisineWritten by Canadian chef and food writer Theresa Carle-Sanders, has become a subject of mockery among Scots because it is packed with American recipes.

While there are Scottish dishes – including tattie scones, cock-a-leekie soup, and Forfar bridies (meat pastry) – it has plenty of American specialties like sweet potato pie, pulled pork, fish tacos, enchiladas and apple pie.

Carle-Sanders even has a recipe for fries – which, of course, are called crisps in Britain – and Mickey Mouse pancakes … which are totally confusing.

According to Evening times in Glasgow, “Carle-Sanders said the range of recipes in the book were designed to represent the ‘flowing nature’ of the television show, which travels between Jacobean Scotland and 1945, and claimed that people wouldn’t want to eat of 18th century Highland cuisine every day. “

But that did not suit Scottish critics, who described the book as a ‘missed opportunity’.

“To suggest that people don’t want to eat Scottish food all year round is wrong. This book looks very confusing, which is a real shame, ”Chef Mark Greenaway, Scotland’s food and drink ambassador, told The Times.

“I’m all for other cuisines that influence our own foods, but dishes like pulled pork and sweet potato pie aren’t what Scotland should be known and proud of.”

Starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, and based on novels by author Diana Gabaldon, “Outlander” is filmed in various locations in Scotland.

Season 3 started filming this week, but Starz has yet to release a premiere date.

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