TikToker living in Paris shows what “American” food products look like from a French grocery store: “Popcorn ice cream?”

ICT Tac users are suddenly obsessed with the French grocery store Picard.

It’s all thanks to the channel’s so-called “Mad America” ​​week – a promotional event that few TikTokers had never heard of. But after a user, Sarah Donnelly (@sarahdcomedy), released a preview of the store’s “American” offerings, viewers couldn’t get enough.

“I get really excited and really sad when it’s American week in Picard,” Donnelly said. captioned his post.

Donnelly is from the US but lives in Paris, and her video is a limited-time guided tour of the store food elements. They feature strange combinations of American staples, including a package frozen “pastrami waffles” and some pretty weird desserts.

“Popcorn ice cream?” Donnelly says, as she zooms in on this new treat. “No! Popcorn? Yes. Popcorn ice cream? No! Just stop combining things.

Many items, it seemed, were mashed.UPS American staples. For example, Donnelly also showed off a brownie bar that was somehow fused with cookies and s’mores.

For what it’s worth, the TikToker had kind words for several of Picard’s “American” options. Grocery chain, he says, has ‘nailed’ some traditional fried foods, like corn dogs.

The video is the latest in an ongoing trend on the app centered around food ‘culture shock’. Last year, a British TikToker went viral explaining the surprising differences between American and English restaurants. Earlier an American revealed what happened when she ordered “chips and salsa” at a restaurant in Italy.

Donnelly’s video also got tons of hilarious comments. Americans and non-Americans had a lot to say.

“American food doesn’t exist anyway so…” a user wrote.

“I wouldn’t hesitate if you told me that popcorn ice cream and pastrami waffles were sold at Trader Joe’s.” another added.

“Why are you combining things? “Says the country that combined ramen and pizza”, another added.

After the excitement over her first video, Donnelly returned to Picard to film a follow-up TikTok, in an extract which shows her tasting the famous pastrami waffles for herself. After some issues that warmed one up, she admitted, “I have to be honest. It’s not bad.”

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