What time will The Messy History of American Food premiere? Discovery+ series to explore messy breakfast stories and more

The messy history of American cuisine Premiering on Wednesday, May 11 will feature the mind-blowing story of America’s most popular food products. With two new episodes every week, the series will take its viewers on a tour of America’s most iconic dishes, and it promises to be hilarious, surprising and informative.

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The upcoming culinary series will showcase an array of some of America’s most classic dishes and attempt to document their origin in each episode. During the show, a cast of food scientists, marketing gurus and a host of other experts will reveal mind-boggling facts about American food.

The show’s press release reads as follows:

“From the history behind burgers to the truth behind chicken wings and the evolution of bread and more, get ready to dive into the delicious new series, Messy History of American Food.”

what will be The messy history of American cuisine are the episodes like?

Food items featured in The Messy History of American Food (Image via Sportskeeda)
Food items featured in The Messy History of American Food (Image via Sportskeeda)

Each episode of The messy history of American cuisine will feature a number of popular American food items such as breakfast cereals, burgers, breaks, soft drinks, chicken wings and chocolates and the show will feature detailed documentation of the creation of each item.

The show promises to capture startling revelations about each food – these nuggets of information will of course be backed up by a ton of research from the show’s experts. With evidence, facts and previously documented videos, viewers will be taken on a very foodie journey. Additionally, the experts will also talk about the ups and downs of American food and its position in the world.

What will episodes 1 and 2 offer?

Episode 1 of The messy history of American cuisine docuseries, titled The messy history of cereals, will feature America’s favorite breakfast cereal, which has a very interesting origin. In the trailer for the upcoming show, the pundits were seen revealing how the cereal has successfully marketed itself with effective advertisements, encouraging even reluctant children to try it.

In the next episode of The messy history of American cuisine, viewers will see one of America’s favorite foods, hamburgers. Episode 2 titled The Messy History of Burgers will take viewers back to the time when burgers became a popular dish in America. Viewers will be shocked to learn that the evolution of American hamburgers is the result of the continued influence of the women’s rights movement, as well as the involvement of a fast food chain.

In addition, food experts also mention that:

‘Burgers were part of the answer to the crisis of masculinity.’

What will episodes 3 and 4 include?

Episode 3 titled, The Messy History of Soda will document an internationally acclaimed soft drink originating in America. The drink has been accused of containing questionable ingredients such as cocaine and lithium and has been touted as having medicinal properties. However, it persisted through resistance and established itself as the world’s premier soft drink.

The fourth episode, titled The Messy History of Breadwill film the classic, progressive evolution of breads and its journey to becoming a staple in the country.

What will episodes 5 and 6 include?

The messy history of wingsepisode 5, will feature one of America’s most beloved foods, chicken wings, and the story behind a number of recipes that claim to be the most “proper”.

The final episode of The messy history of American cuisine will be based on titled chocolates, The messy history of chocolate. As its story contains many twists, the episode will feature the multiple theories it took for people to discover the perfect chocolate.

Discovery+ The messy history of American cuisine is produced by Thrillist and Group Nine Studios. Viewers can watch the show coming May 11 on Discovery+.

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